Federal firefighters have one of the most arduous and dangerous jobs in the country. While protecting our national interests on military installations, federal research laboratories, and veterans’ medical centers, federal firefighters work nearly twice as many hours as a regular civil servant while being compensated at a reduced hourly rate when compared to similarly graded federal employees. In i 998, Congress passed legislation intending to ensure Federal firefighters received a fair hourly rate of pay. While the 1998 law improved firefighter pay, it failed to hit the mark as today federal firefighters typically receive an hourly pay rate that is one-third less than other federal employees. The disparity doesn’t end with the hourly pay rates under current law, federal firefighters are the only federal workers that receive partial retirement credit for their regularly scheduled work shifts. This is due to the complicated formula, used by the government, to calculate pension benefits for federal firefighters. Firefighters employed by the Department of Defense are normally required to work 19 hours of mandatorily scheduled overtime per week, in addition to their 53 hours of non-overtime work. Because of this unique arrangement, federal firefighters receive only partial credit for work they are required to do, effectively denying them the pension credit they have earned. To correct these inequities, the Federal Fire Fighter Pay Equity Act would alter the number of shifts federal firefighters work, adjust federal firefighter hourly pay rates in line with other federal employees, and change the formula used to capture federal firefighter high-three salary average for the purpose of annuity determination, ensuring that a fire fighter’s pension is based on the full value of pay compensation received during their regularly reoccurring tour of duty.


Sisters and Brothers,

I’m pleased to inform you that Apu Jacobsen and Kai Chang have assumed their respective positions effective 1 June (Tuesday).  Apu replaces Reid Shimabukuro as President of the Federal Firefighters of Hawaii.  Kai will take over the duties of Treasurer replacing Art Rego.  “It’s been a great ride for both Art and I.  We, along with slew of dedicated Executive Board members, shaped the Union to what it is today.  We’ve come a long way in 13 years….something I’ll never forget”.

Trust that our NEW leadership will fight for you!  Give them the support they need during this transitional period.  With a NEW Work Schedule just around the corner, the future is bright!  Don’t take for granted all of the hard work that your Union and the committee members are doing.  Be patient but be active.  Thank you for all of your years of support!  Love you all!

In Solidarity,




Contact Doug Mashino at HFDFCU if you have any questions!  You cannot beat that interest rate!

Last year we asked for your support in completing the Navy’s DEOC Survey and 65% of our members responded.   We were able to show Admiral Chadwick that a schedule change would help with retention, morale and productivity.  We are happy to announce that we are moving to a 48/48 work schedule effective the 21st Pay Period.  We cannot thank you enough!

This years DEOC Survey should focus on the latest change to the 10 days of ROM.  Last week, our department sent out an email informing personnel that anyone who is approved for travel and is forced to ROM (should they not meet any of the requirements to return to work) and will be required to use Annual Leave instead of Weather and Safety Leave (Admin).  This is wrong and we need to make our voices heard.  We want 100% participation and we are asking everyone to check your government email and follow the instructions.  Captains and Lieutenants….please inform the Union when your Station/Shift is completed.

If there’s an organization that supports our Union…it’s Honolulu Fire Department Federal Credit Union. Every Christmas, HFDFCU provides each Fire Station, each Shift, a gift card to Foodland. They’ve supported our T-shirt competition, our Podcast, our Newsletter and more.

In the Christmas gift bag is a coupon that waives your membership fee. Use that to open an account and support those who support US!

April 9th….start of a NEW beginning for the IAFF!  General President Ed Kelly and General Secretary-Treasurer Frank Lima hit the ground running!  See a video from their first day on the job!